Rozaine and the Forte team has a passion to serve communities and have traveled many parts of the country to deliver programs for the youth. One of the signature programs of reconciliation, called ‘One Sri Lanka’ was implemented in Seenigama and Matara that opened the minds of the youth in how they can live in harmony and to tackle unconscious bias as a community.

Kushil GunasekaraFounder, Foundation of Goodness.

Rozaine and the Forte team conducted Career Guidance for our scholarship recipients and the feedback has been extremely encouraging. We witnessed firsthand how the team engages with the participants and walked them through the process for two days in order to unearth the potential of some of the most disadvantaged yet intelligent youth from different districts of the country. Many have secured good jobs in the workplace or have started an enterprise of their own.

Capt. Elmo JayawardenaFounder, Candle-Aid Lanka

Rozaine conducted a study for the top leadership team and the findings were very helpful in understanding whether everyone’s voice is being heard. Further she conducted a ‘work life balance’ study that revealed certain insights into how work and work-life integration can be managed and facilitated.

Sanjiva WeerawarnaFounder, WSO2

Rozaine was commissioned to train the managers on Crucial Conversations and Counseling Skills prior to a significant change initiative that was going to affect many employees. The program was well received and the participants learned the skills of conducting conversations with empathy and to deliver a difficult message that can easily create insecurity and threaten the status of the individuals.

Priyantha AthukoralaFormer Head of Learning & Development HSBC

Forte Consultancy undertook a development center to help us see the skill gap and the preparedness of our people for the next phase of strategy. I myself found the engagement to be very useful and insightful for my own growth and this was mentioned by a majority of our staff themselves. The recommendations provided will help us to see what actions we can take in the next phase of strategic change at FRC

Lahiru PereraExecutive Director, Family Rehabilitation Center.

Rozaine and the Forte team conducted a series of workshops for parents and students of various grades. Her friendly approach towards the participants of the workshops was appreciated. The contents including the struggles faced by students in their physical, emotional, intellectual and social development were found useful.

Vijith FernandoDeputy Principal - Lyceum International School

In conducting a diagnostic study of the MAS Intimates facility – Slimline in June 2010, the professionalism, discipline and competence displayed by Rozaine was the reason behind the timely and highly successful conclusion of the project within the scheduled time period. Her focus and concern for the actual need of our organization, and the requirement that we put forward propelled her to offer us a well analyzed and constructed solution. She exhibited the required skill in her field, and the proper commitment to see the project through, qualities that I found worthy of admiration. She has displayed her ability to communicate and work with people belonging to various levels of an organizational hierarchy, while at the same time promoting authenticity and originality among them.

Dian GomasManaging Director - MAS Intimates

Rozaine Cooray from Forte did a study to diagnose the culture of my company. It was very insightful and professionally done. The outcome was very effective and it did somewhat changed the way we looked at our staff and HR practices.

Harith PereraManaging Director - Diethelm Travel Sri Lanka / Diethelm Travel The Maldives

We loved the session you did for us during our family reunion. I’ve never been involved in a session like that in either a personal or professional level. It seemed daunting at first but was such a lot of fun and a great way to get to know my cousins better! What a brilliant idea to invite you for a session with us! We hope you can be a part of future family reunions!

Dr Bharthi KanagaratnamClinical Oncologist - National Health Service UK (Bsc,MBBS,MRCP,FRCR)

Thank you for your time in spending with us in our family reunion . It was an awesome experience to open up with my cousins and my siblings . All of us live behind the veil pretending to be someone and you set up the stage for us to come out of it. I was shocked to see so much emotion hidden under each of us and I think it was so relieving to open up with our cousins. We have spent several holidays in the past but this was so special because on that day we stepped out of the ghost shadow to become real and I thank you for enabling us to do that.

My wishes for u in all your endeavors!

Subbashini Marimuthu D.M.DGlenwood Dental care - Glendale Heights, IL, U.S.A