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Organizational Analytics

‘The most important sight is insight’. We are committed to bringing insights on your organization. Organizational Analytics is one of the biggest trends in human resource and organizational behavior processes, and it the insights you gather are of tremendous value.
Whether it is a diagnostic study, or an investigative study, if you are interested in delving into analytics, Forté is the partner for you.

Program on

People and Process


We at Forté mobilize a pool of tools towards better understanding the people and process factors in your organization, and how they contribute towards performance. By generating insight on the inner workings of your organization, Forté can support you further with strategic recommendations on improving your organization to be more effective.

For who
Organizational analytics can be useful for organizations with
  • Low employee engagement and satisfaction
  • High levels of attrition
  • Low productivity and achievement.
Why Forté
You should select this program
  • Unique opportunity to receive in-depth insight into your organization
  • Pool of validated assessment tools
  • Team of psychologists with expertise in research and organizational behavior.
  • Past successes
Case Study

WSO2 is a rapidly growing IT firm in Sri Lanka, specialized in middleware. In 2014 and 2015, Forté was commissioned to do two diagnostic studies of the organization. The first was on how well employees felt their voice was heard within the organization, and the second on work-life balance. In both studies, using questionnaires, interviews, and focus groups, Forté delivered comprehensive insights on the positive enablers and inhibitors in the organization, and paved way towards recommendations for handling employee grievances and facilitating better employee wellbeing.

Sanjiva Weerawarna – Founder, WSO2

Case Study
Diethelm Travel The Maldives

Forté was commissioned to carry out interviews to test the pulse of the people in researching the work satisfaction and more importantly the elements that needed to be addressed in the culture at Dielthelm Travels Sri Lanka. The team of psychologists at Forté, qualified in facilitating conversations with openness, enabled the success of this engagement.

Harith Perera – Managing Director, Diethelm Travel Sri Lanka / Diethelm Travel The Maldives