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Community and Education

Forté’s commitment for building character is not limited to the organizational sector – we believe in empowering communities and education too. The education and community development initiatives by Forté are suitable for organizations looking for impactful CSR ventures, or for educational and community based institutions on the search for service providers.

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Forté’s Career Guidance program is a highly useful program that can help young people identify and determine their career, and smoothly transition towards it. Forté’s Career Guidance program helps people make career decisions based on personal strengths, values, interests, personality, and occupational skills. The extended program also builds basic career skills needed in transitioning at different career points.

For who
Career Guidance is a useful program to be offered for
  • School leavers (prior to joining university)
  • University students (prior to transitioning into the workplace)
  • Students at any career-decision making point (O/Level, A/Level, pre-subject selection)
Why Forté
You should select this program
  • Person-centered approach to career guidance.
  • Use of variety of tools and activities to support decision making process.
  • Pool of validated psychometrics and career assessment tools.
  • Delivery team with expertise in psychology, youth development, and education.
  • Past success stories.
Case Study

Forté’s Career Guidance program for university students and young professionals is a 2-day intensive session on finding one’s career niche. The program has been successfully implemented numerous times to groups of 5 participants. Today, program alumni are successfully placed in organizations and positions that reflect their chosen career, where they can fully apply their skills, interest and strength for a meaningful working experience.

candle aid lanka
Case Study
Candle-Aid Lanka

Candle Aid Lanka is a humanitarian organization that sponsors underprivileged youth in their higher education pursuits. Forté supported Candle Aid in their education programs, by offering a Career Guidance program whereby fresh graduates and final year students were supported in refining their career aspirations, and provided additional support in bridging skill and etiquette gaps expected from a graduate in the workplace. The program (run 2 consecutive years) attracted positive feedback, with alumni crediting the experiences in the program to developing their preparedness for the world of work.

Capt. Elmo Jayawardena – Founder, Candle-Aid Lanka

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Coaching for


Forté’s Coaching for Education is aimed at students and young people who are engaged in educational programs. The emphases in these coaching initiatives can be in career decision making, overcoming challenges such as workload, burnout, and stress, as well as shifting students’ mindset from beyond academic achievement to making global impacts.

For Who
Coaching for Education can be useful for
  • School students
  • University students
  • Graduates
  • Parents wishing to support their children.
Why Forté
You should select this program
  • Large pool of tried and tested coaching tools
  • Team of experienced counselors and coaches with experience in field.
  • Mixed-method approach to coaching and counseling
  • Previous successes
Case Study
Lyceum International School

Lyceum International School is a leading international school in Sri Lanka. Forté engaged with Lyceum for a number of project initiatives towards building education. Forté has worked in growing teachers’ attitudes and mindset towards student learning, and in educating parents on how to appropriately support their children based on their developmental stage. Forté’s work with Lyceum has been helpful in ensuring that children are supported correctly by parents and teachers alike in their schooling journey.

Vijith Fernando Deputy Principal, Lyceum International School

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Diversity and Inclusion Programs

Forté’s community programs on Diversity and Inclusion have been implemented in post-conflict and post-disaster communities, to develop a sense of unity and cohesion across cultural and other divides. The programs are activity based, and can be delivered in Sinhalese/Tamil based on the community in concern to engage the audiences effectively.

For who
Diversity and Inclusion can be offered in
  • Communities afflicted by conflict/disaster/social issues.
  • Educational and other child-centered institutions with a diverse population.
Why Forté
You should select this program
  • Promote a cause which is of national relevance
  • Interactive mode of delivery with activities to maintain engagement.
  • Team of experienced trainers with expertise in working with local communities.
  • Previous successes
Case Study
Foundation of Goodness

Forté partnered with the Foundation of Goodness to facilitate a program in Aluthgama, a city in the Southern coast of Sri Lanka, following ethnic conflict and marginalization. The affected community members were empowered in coming to terms with the conflict they endured, and further supported in developing skills towards coping and their professions. The program was greatly successful to the extent that the victimized were empowered to a level that they could forgive those who perpetrated crimes against them, and envisioned a future where they would extend help to their own perpetrators.

Forté carried out “One Sri Lanka” a program on strengthening unity beyond diversity in communities in Sri Lanka with the support of Foundation of Goodness at their centers in Seenigama and Matara. The program encouraged the fostering of inter-community harmony, and addressed the tendencies to stereotype and discriminate against other communities. The program was received well, with participant testimonials highlighting the desire to live harmoniously within diversity.

Kushil Gunasekara – Founder, Foundation of Goodness.

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Forté supports organizations to structure their CSR initiatives with sustainability and impact in mind. Our model for CSR is focused on bringing about social change and impact, and in ensuring your CSR investment is effectively utilized.

For Who
Forté’s process development for recruitment is a good fit for
  • Organizations interested in CSR
  • Community organizations/NGOs
Why Forté
You should select this program
  • Focus on sustainability and impact
  • Unique model for structuring CSR which has been researched and published
  • Team comprised of individuals with experience in social innovation and impact
  • Previous successes
Case Study
Habitat for Humanity

At Habitat for Humanity, Forté worked with global volunteers and local donor organizations to research the transferable skills of volunteerism into their workplaces. The purpose of this was to encourage more donor organizations to come on board to be a part of Habitat whilst also striving for a win-win situation in which they could develop their own people in leadership and other related competencies.