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Competency Mapping

An organization’s competency framework is a true representation of its’ DNA. It characterizes the essential make-up of the employees – the fundamental skills, attitudes, and behaviors which are expected across the entire staff.

Forté partners with organizations in competency mapping.

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Competency Framework Development

The Competency Framework Development program is a comprehensive service where a competency framework is designed which is unique and captures the true flavor of the organization. Using a tested and perfected methodology, Forté defines the competencies and behavioral indicators that represent your organization’s people.

For who
This program is suitable for
  • Rapidly growing organizations with no existing competency framework
  • Organizations whose current framework is limiting/lacking/unrepresentative
Why Forté
You should select this program
  • Tried and tested methodology
  • Proven with previous effective initiatives
Case Study

LEADS is a non-governmental organization in Sri Lanka that offers care and services towards alleviating human suffering, and employs staff from all over the country. Using questionnaires, interviews, and focus groups with different levels of staff in the organization, Forté developed an organizational competency framework clearly distinguishing the expected skill and competence at different levels of management, to be translated into organizational and HR processes.

Roshan Mendis – CEO LEADS

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Competency Profiling is an initiative where the organization’s competency framework is mapped onto the job roles in the organization. An an outcome of this project, your organization can expect clearly defined role competence expectations from each role – providing clarity and accountability.

For Who
Forté recommends competency profiling for organizations if;
  • There is low clarity in job role expectations
  • Recruitment is difficult due to lack of job role expectancies.
  • Employees are unaware of what is expected of them.
Why Forté
You should select this program
  • Comprehensive methodology integrating multiple sources of information.
  • Insight on application of behavioral indicators to work
  • Proven with previous successful initiatives
Case Study
IronOne Technologies

IronOne Technologies is a leading technology organization that has seen tremendous growth in its’ staff and in winning various awards and accolades since its’ inception. In 2017, Forte partnered with IronOne to develop a competency framework that captures the organizational DNA and represents the value of the organization. Three months of extensive interviews and development later, Forte delivered a framework that was appreciated and useful to the organization.

Lakmini Wijesundara – Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, IronOne Technologies

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Competency Based Processes

The organizational competency framework is the determined foundation and backbone of your organization. It’s the ideal foundation to build all HR processes on to ensure consistency and synchrony in the organization.

For who
This service is useful if
  • Organizational processes are misaligned
  • There are no defined criteria for recruitment, performance management, etc.
  • The right people are not in the right jobs
Why Forté
You should select this program
  • Comprehensive methodology
  • Team of psychologists with unique experience in mapping.
  • Successful previous initiatives