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Who we are

A Brief History of Forté

Forté was launched in 2009 by Rozaine Cooray, consultant with great aspirations for the organizations of Sri Lanka. Recognizing the need for a psychological perspective on how to develop people and process in Sri Lanka, Rozaine launched Forté, with the vision of mobilizing Potential, Performance, and Power in the Sri Lankan organization.

What started as a solo initiative in 2009, has grown in to the consultancy it is today. Over the past 9 years, Forté has had the honor of working with 50+ organizations, 10000+ individual clients, and grown in capacity by recruiting and developing staff and consultants.

Over the years, Forté has served a multitude of organizations across all sectors from Banking to Technologies to Finance to Manufacturing, delivering a wide variety of solutions pertaining to needs.

Nine years strong, Forté is geared for the next wave of initiatives in supporting organizations, and building character in its’ people and process.


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Our team

The foundation of Forté

Forté prides itself in its multidisciplinary and diverse team, that allows us to provide solutions to the diverse needs and challenges of today’s organizations. Our team comprises of individuals with specialized expertise in their respective fields, who share the Forté spirit and passion towards developing organizations.

Rozaine Cooray

Rozaine Cooray

BSc (Aus), Grad Dip(UK), MSc (UK)
Founder and Lead Coach of Forté Consultancy, Business Psychologist and Senior Lecturer

Rozaine is a Business consultant with experience working with diverse people from organizations in Sri Lanka, UK, Australia and Abu Dhabi. She is also an author and lecturer, and has experience in developing and validating scientific models for personal development, and recovery from crisis.

Dr Pujitha Silva

Dr. Pujitha Silva

BEng (Aus), PhD (Aus)
Founder of Full Life Coaching Academy, Lead Consultant at Forté Consultancy. Director of The Center for Biomedical Innovation and Senior Lecturer – Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa

Pujitha Silva is a Biomedical Engineer, Senior Lecturer, and a Certified Coach. He heads the team at Full Life Coaching, and is specialized in coaching engineers and leaders towards transformation. He is the author of the P3 GROWTHS model, and a co-author of RockStars which is based on the model.


Dr. Chintha Dissanayake

BSc (Biology), PGDipPsy, MSc, PhD, MA (Empl Law)

Advisor to Forté Consultancy Ltd, Chartered Occupational Psychologist

Chintha Dissanayke is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and an Advisor to Forté. She is specialized in talent assessment and development and conflict confidence, and is qualified and licensed in administration of occupational and educational tests such as the16Personality Factor inventory, and Saville Consulting Wave-Focus Styles.


Rashitha Delapola

BSc in Statistics (University of Kelaniya), PGDip. Project Management (Germany)

Consultant Trainer and Facilitator at Forté Consultancy

Rashitha is a trainer and facilitator by profession, and is a Consultant Trainer and Facilitator to Forté Consultancy. He is specialized in you development and empowerment and in the area of life skills development. At Forté, Rashitha specializes in leading projects to Sinhalese speaking audiences.


Daniel Thambyrajah

Dip. Mass Media Communication, Dip. Leadership, MSc in Aid and Development (Australia)

Consultant Trainer and Facilitator at Forté Consultancy

Daniel is a trainer and facilitator, with nearly 10 years of experience in training and development. In addition to leadership and skill building, Daniel’s unique contribution to the team is in Physical Wellness and Outbound Training programs with leadership emphasis.


Dr. K.A. Thulitha Wickrama

B.S. Statistics (USA), M.S. (USA), Ph.D. (USA)
Lead Consultant (Organizational Analytics) at Forte Consultancy and Senior Lecturer

Dr. Thulitha is a researcher and Senior Lecturer, and acts as Lead Consultant in Organizational Analytics at Forté Consultancy. He is trained in data collection, management analysis and interpretation and carries 15+ years of research method experience for universities and community based organizations.


Hansini Gunasekara

BSc Hons (USA), MSc (UK)
Behaviour Analyst, Forté Consultancy Pvt Ltd., Coach and Lecturer in Research Methods and Statistics

Hansini is a research psychologist and lecturer, and holds the role of Behavior Analyst at Forté Consultancy. She heads the research team at Forté in leading organizational analytics projects, and in integrating assessments and empiricism into all Forté projects. She is also a coach for Forte programs. She brings in research experience from academic institutions in the UK in relation to mental health topics.


Kartini Booso

BSc (USA), PgDip (SL), MSc (UK)

Research and Development Manager, Forté Consultancy Pvt Ltd, and Trainee Psychologist

Kartini is a trainee psychologist and is the Research and Development Manager to Forté Consultancy. At Forté, she is primarily involved in facilitating Career Guidance, Education, Community and Youth related programs. She brings in experience working with young people and vulnerable populations in the capacity of counselor and social worker.


Samitha Hameed Al-Mazroui

(MPhil (SL), BSc (USA))
Consultant Coach to Forté Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Samitha is a psychologist, and Consultant Coach to Forté Consultancy. Her niche area at Forté is in handling workplace and grievance issues, using a coaching and counseling approach as appropriate. She is trilingual and is able to effectively address workplace issues with individuals from different ethnicities.