Why COVID-19 is Telling Us that We are Outdated: A Time to Revisit the Organisational Structure – by Rozaine Cooray

In my 10-year experience of running assessment centres and development centres where participants are given a time-based leaderless activity that creates pressure to perform, there always seem to be 2 types of leaders that emerge – a task-oriented leader and a socio-emotional leader. This is an interesting observation of the dynamics in leadership, and a question that is brought forth is whether this can be applied in a formal organisational leadership structure.

Wellbeing During Lockdown 2020 – by Jessica Fernando & Rozaine Cooray

Consciousness is in the heart of wellbeing. A desirable life balance is not possible unless we challenge our default.
Habits are great to maintain a routine. But what happens when our routine is forcibly changed with lockdowns and curfews. Can we in return challenge our habits and see whether we are on the right track, healthy and sound in mind and body, running to the pace we desire, and running with people who are important to us?