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Citi CandleAid Lanka hold youth career guidance workshop

Career guidance workshop for 26 undergraduates

How to grapple with crisis in the workplace

Crisis to Character book launch

From Crisis to Chatacter : A practical book for those in the world of work

The leadership vaccum: filling the void

Crisis to Character book launch

From Crisis to Chatacter : A work on organisation psychology

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Crisis to Character model (Cooray, 2014) focuses mostly on character building when navigating through crisis and how change itself provides new opportunities in life.

Forté team this year has decided to validate the ‘Crisis to Character’ (C2C) model and are happy to present you the research results from organizations and communities.

Our research team supervised by Dai Williams an Occupational Psychologist and Career Consultant from the UK, is currently in the initial step of data gathering. Forté team is working collaboratively with Foundation of Goodness to conduct a series of workshops around the country for community leaders for this purpose. They also actively work with their corporate and organizational clients who are interested in culture research.

The research team lead by Rozaine, has the vision to contribute the knowledge gathered back to the organizations and communities via a program called One Sri Lanka: Character building as a nation. Therefore this research is a partnership between Forté and our diverse community.

Forté is happy to offer the free C2C talk series at your organization following the validation of the model. We believe that the talk series will be a great value addition for your team as character building is in the heart of personal and professional growth.
We hope that our research will contribute in building a culture that is collaborative, dynamics and open to change, that with time help facilitate the right leadership in organizations and the country at large.

Contact us at [email protected] for further details.