Research in organizations show that coaching impacts aligning of strategy, optimal people performance and knowledge management. Coaching is shown to lead to skill improvement at all levels, creation of a leadership pipeline, retention of employees at all levels, fostering a culture where each individual is a valued employee and improving business performance.

Whilst employing our own model of coaching that has been tried and tested, we have a combination of group coaching, one on one coaching, and practical and hands-on sessions focusing on active learning to suit the needs of the individual or the company. Forté offers executive coaching programs to organizations in order to facilitate the personal, professional and career growth of individuals. Coaching includes performance coaching, life coaching, Y Gen coaching, teen and parent coaching in education.

Equipping HR

Equipping HR is a workshop-style program that runs over a period of 6 months that equips the HR team of your organization with a wide range of HR skills including basic research methods that can be employed for quantitative assessments and evaluations.

 The curriculum for this program is customized for the needs of the organization and is based on industrial and organizational psychology and theories of group dynamics with examples and case studies tailor-made for the unique culture of your organization.

Developing High Performance Teams

Forté recognizes how growing organizations are more and more dependent on healthy, high performing teams, who are required to work together towards one collective goal but also achieve individual targets at the same time. This particular program helps in identifying current issues that reside within the working teams, building high performance teams, conflict resolution, negotiation, synergistic partnerships, innovation and creativity and diversity.

Emotional Intelligence

In the contemporary workplace where individuals work more and more in teams rather than in isolated silos individuals who possess a high EQ are an enormous asset to any organization. This program offers a hands-on, activity based and reflective workshop that equips individuals with emotional skills, and skills of self-regulation, self-awareness, and empathy.

4 Skills in a Bag

Communication is believed to comprise 7% of verbal, and 93% of non-verbal communication. '4-Skills in a Bag' is a unique program that addresses the versatile skills and attributes of communication, confidence, body language and presentation style. We introduce techniques to boost participant confidence, to practice confidence on a daily basis and further methods to reinforce them.