Assessment Centers

Research indicates that assessment centre scores are more predictive of future performance than any other selection method due to the variety of activities involved. Activities of the assessment center are specifically designed around the requirements of the job.  Every competency is given a quantitative and qualitative measure that indicate the candidate's performance. We take pride in being able to accurately predict future job performance using behavioral analytics. We provide our clients with a comprehensive report that gives an in-depth view of each candidate.

Psychometric Testing and Profiling

We offer psychometric testing for all levels of the hierarchy. The tests allow both the candidate and the organization to understand the individual's personality, temperaments and preferences that will assist in identifying strengths, limitations and culture-fit thereby assisting in planning one’s development.

Interview Skills

We offer training on key interview skills including preparation, effective questioning format, powerful questions, lie detection, managing panel dynamics and observing non-verbal communication amongst many more.

Job Descriptions

A job description gives direction and clarity thereby minimizing the ambiguity and the confusion, especially a new job incumbent may face. We develop comprehensive job descriptions in line with the competency frame work of the organization employing work/task and culture analytics.