Competency Frameworks

Competencies in an organization direct the individual to the expected areas and levels of behaviour and performance. A competency framework is a map or an indication of behaviors that the employer values and believes will help achieve the company's long-term performance goals. By prioritizing certain competencies, companies use such frameworks to introduce standards that may also be rewarded in a performance-related pay culture.We help organizations to design and develop their own competency frameworks in line with company strategies, values and culture. We work collaboratively with the top management and specialists in the company to recognize these competencies and indicate the level of performance expected

Succession Planning

Sustainability of an organization and leadership culture largely depends on the bench strength. We support organizations to identify the top talent pool and create individualized developmental plans for existing and future job roles.

360 Feedback and Appraisals

Feedback is essential for growth. We design bespoke 360-degree feedback questionnaires in line with the requirements of the company.

Development Centers

We customize activities to identify and help grow people to the next level through a series of guided activities. Similar to our assessment centers, we provide a detailed development report to each participant and support the company with further recommendations in their growth plan. Development centers can inform the succession plan of the company.

Feedback Skills

Giving feedback on paper is easier than confronting the person in an unbiased manner about their performance. We offer an activity- based training program on giving constructive feedback that aims to motivate, guide and facilitate growth in the best possible manner for the benefit of the organization and the individual.