We assist organizations to measure different variables of the culture and behaviour that are crucial in the overall functioning of a team, department or sector. Collecting data through interviews, focus groups and surveys, we also analyze existing data such as leave, absenteeism, performance measures and other relevant information. Using both qualitative and quantitative research methods of analysis, we make predictions for future effectiveness as a company, in both people and functions. Our diagnostics lead to comprehensive findings that allow us to make informed recommendations that can support organizations in making strategic decisions on sustainable change and growth.

We continue to use statistics in data analysis in designing competency frameworks, investigating group dynamics, overall culture diagnostics, in training needs analysis, establishing predictive validity of recruitment tools, ROI measures and health and satisfaction studies. We further use advanced statistics to make predictions on future dynamics and transitional periods of the culture, turnover and retention issues, productivity and efficiency and selection and promotion decisions.

Some of the work we have conducted includes the following.
IT: What needs to change in the work culture for sustainable growth in the sales and marketing department?

IT: What are the effects of the recent split of the Sales and Marketing team? Why don’t people work as a team anymore?

IT: To investigate whether everyone’s ‘voice’ is being heard equally in the leadership team.

Education: A study to investigate what personality factors make a good engineer.

Healthcare: The right personality for nurses for recruitment and training purposes in a private hospital.

Apparel: Tacking the problem of turnover in machine operators

Finance: Investigating the resistance to change due to new leadership and management policies

Travel: The impact of the recent organizational change

Apparel: Analyzing the counseling needs of machine operators and revamping the existing buddy system/ counselling services to improve accessibility and the effectiveness of need-based counselling

Conglomerate: Management trainee selection programs (banding through behavioral analytics)

Construction: Energizing a lethargic workforce

Gender and sector study: How are people motivated; affiliation, power, achievement.