From Crisis to Character


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From the author of Colors of the Sun (nominated for state literary awards and Gratian awards 2010) comes a brilliant distillation of organizational issues on how to navigate day to day challenges in the workplace. Each article employs current research from organizational behavior, Industrial and Organizational psychology and Group Dynamics.

Articles are written using a formula of what, why and how to identify a problem, to identify the root causes of the problem and to provide practical solutions. The book also for the first time introduces “From Crisis to Character Model of Change” that can be used by organizational leaders to take their teams and their organizations through chaos to a place of stability.

The articles address some of the crucial processes in the workplace such as recruitment, managing performance, culture building, reward systems and development of people. The book includes 3 segments, namely, personal growth, one to one growth and one to many growth. It addresses issues such as Fear of Failure, Ego, Favoritism, Stress, Moods and Emotions, Loyalty, Trust, Conflict, Discipline, Bullies, Dignity, Leadership, Power, Rumors and also topics such as Justice.

This book has been endorsed by persons from the organizational sector, to humanitarian sector, academia and also from the arena of sports. The endorsements come from local experts such as Dr. Anura Ekanayake, Kushil Gunasekera, Muttiah Muralidaran and foreign personalities such as David Williams, David Meller and Anna de Boer who have studied and worked in the area of change and transition.

From Crisis to Character is a practical book and includes several anecdotes of real life situations in the work place that anyone can relate to. Anyone who is  interested in their own journey, anyone who is leading small to large teams, anyone who wants to be successful in whatever they do, this book will be instrumental to you. Like a horse that leaps through the waves of calamity, the book inspires to inform the readers the importance of refinement of character that can only take place in the face of crisis.

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Connecting for success


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The Connecting for Success workbook is an accompaniment to a customized program designed by Forté for first-year students entering tertiary education delivered in the pre-academic term on how to best overcome challenges and adapt to university life through building connections.

The book covers the topics of adapting to university life, self-awareness, dealing with with stress as a student, working in groups, and growing beyond university through interesting and self-reflective activities as well as practical tips and tricks on how to handle issues that arise in each area. The content of the book was designed based on a thematic analysis of comments made by students of a reputed public university as well as fresh graduates on the issues they had faced during the first year of their college life.

Connecting for Success is the first in the series of self-help handbooks geared specifically for Sri Lankan public university students and it emphasizes how each of us can grow through connecting with our selves, our families, peers and communities and work towards transforming our communities and finally our nation.